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Our range of Waterbeds For Sale


Horizontal lines offer a timeless design with emphasis on details. Vega, floated on a chrome frame, presents all the features you would expect from an exclusive bed; stability and individuality.

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All Round

The All Round, made from exceptionally high quality materials, with a solid wooden frame that surrounds the bed to ensure high stability and style, is truly luxurious.

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Deco is luxury in all senses, thanks to the choice of exceptionally high quality materials. The solid wooden frame surrounds the bed and ensures high stability and elegant style.

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The clean lines of the Mira present the classic/modern shape and make the pyramid-like bed look almost floating. It's minimalist, precise and modern design does not clash with a cosy and warm bedroom environment. The upholstered frame has a comfortable sitting edge, and inside that is an improved hardside waterbed with the highest possible conformity and reduction of pressure.

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Hybrid High

With a comfortable height of almost 60cm and a cushioned Boxframe, the Hybrid High is equally comfortable and easy to make. Legs of stained beech and the headboard Olympus complete the modern appearance and elegance.

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The Inside bed is a convenient and easy option when you need to fit the water mattress into your existing bed frame. The foam edge consists of two layers, which makes it easy to make the bed even if the bedsides are high.

Akva Soft

The Akva Soft is the classic bed with a simple and solid design for fitting into the existing bedframes or freestanding with a firm or soft frame. Designed like a traditional box mattress, it can be combined with any base or headboard.

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Akva Jr

The Junior is ideal for children aged 3 and above. It helps active children have a healthy night's sleep and so promotes their growth and development.

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The Hydrobed waterbed excels in support, comfort, hygiene and durability. The HydroPedic water mattress simply displaces to contour to your individual shape and weight, providing the best body support. It does so with the least pressure, maximising your comfort, helping you to relax, and providing a healthy sleeping environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my ceiling be ruined if the waterbed leaks?
Waterbed mattresses are extremely tough, durable and puncture resistant unless they are deliberately targeted with a very sharp, or very pointed instrument. In the unlikely event this did happen, the water would be container within the bed by a separate outer water proof safety layer, preventing any damage to the bed's surroundings.
Do I need my bedroom floor reinforced to take the weight?
No. Waterbeds have a specially designed base that spreads the weight of the bed evenly across the floor. The waterbed weighs no more than approximately six people. We have successfully installed thousands of waterbeds.
Will a waterbed make me nauseous?
No. the motion of a waterbed is very relaxing and after a little time of getting used to a new feeling, virtually everyone enjoys it. The motion is less than most people expect and we've never known anyone to feel nauseous as a result of their waterbed. Waterbed mattresses are available with no movement whatsoever.
Will it be good for my back?
Absolutely - eight hours of therapy every night.
Will they be cold?
All of our waterbeds are temperature controlled. In winter, you can keep them warm but in summer, on the few hot nights we get in the UK, the controller can be turned down to give you a cool bed. If you have dual mattresses they can be set at different temperatures if one partner prefers a hotter bed.
Does it cost a fortune to run?
No. The heater, as well as being waterproof, has a very low voltage and costs around 12p per day to run. If used at average temperatures the only other expense is a bottle of water conditioner which keeps the water in the bed fresh and is needed only once a year. You can purchase this and more from our shop. Waterbeds are extremely low maintenance solutions to the perfect nights sleep.
How long do they take to install?
About 90 minutes usually, but rarely more than three hours. All you have to do is show our installer where you want the bed, provide a plug point and a source of water and he'll do everything else, including spending time advising you and answering any questions you may have.
How long does it take to get used to a waterbed?
It depends on the person, however on average, it takes one or two nights to really get used to the feeling of a waterbed. the therapeutic feeling of a waterbed has resulted in our customers never wanting an ordinary bed again.
I suffer with asthma. Will a waterbed help?
All waterbeds sold by us have removable washable top. underneath this is the water mattress, which can also be cleaned. A porous spring mattress, which is used in ordinary beds, is an ideal breeding space for dust mites which feed on hair and tiny flakes of skin. It is the dust mite excreta that most asthmatics are allergic to and replacing the spring mattress with a water mattress (which dust mites cannot breed in) provides relief to most people with breathing problems.

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