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For many years Priory Blinds your Local Waterbed stores have been manufacturing and supplying bespoke Waterbeds. This flexible frame and mattress allows you to sleep or shall we say float on a temperature-controlled water system, there are many advantages to Waterbeds and this is why you should swap you old spring mattress for this brilliant abundance of heaven.

So, one persuasive reason as to why your Local Waterbed stores are the future, is that it relieves body and joint pressure/pain. The water mattress system will adapt flawlessly to your body shape providing support by controlling the way your body moulds into the bed, this also reduces the risk of further pressure sores and helps improve vascular circulation by relaxing your muscles. Say goodbye to neck ache and hello to your Local Waterbed stores.

Priory Blinds
Priory Blinds

Continuously this wonderful invention is temperature controlled unlike a spring mattress that gets too cold in the winter and to hot in the summer, right? the water system in a Waterbed allows you to have the perfect temperate personalised to every season. The built-in heater lets you easily heat up the water which will not only keep you warm but relaxes your muscles to help you sleep better. We can help you find the perfect waterbed temperature at your nearest Local Waterbed stores So, no, you won’t catch hypothermia in the winter! When you think it couldn’t get any better, for those with allergies and aren’t so good with dust look no further! Waterbeds are actually hypoallergenic, which means no getting out the hoover and flipping the mattress to rid those dust mites. This easily cleaned sanitised surface can’t penetrate dust and dead skin cells therefore a simple wipe over will do the trick to keep it polished and fresh!

Another advantage as to why you should visit your Local Waterbed stores immediately is because the Waterbed never loses shape like a standard mattress would. I mean it would be pretty rare for water to go out of shape therefore no flips or turns are needed to keep your mattress cosy. It doesn’t stop there, you can actually customise the preference of your bed when you’re in it the adjustable firmness setting allows customers to modify their mattress to tailor them. It really is a bespoke bed!

At Local Waterbed stores we supply different frame designs for all tastes, from solid wood to Art Deco each bed frame comes with many luxury features. Our all Round wooden frame surrounds the bed to ensure high stability as well as style, including built in storage space. However, if a classic contemporary look is more up your street our Mira frame creates a floating bed illusion yet still retains its simple, minimalist style.

Priory Blinds

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